Looking for an Easy Way to Make a Banner?

Look no further.

Banners are so much fun to decorate with. They can be used for parties, home decor, and much more!

If you’re like me, you’ve seen those really pretty banners at Target or on Etsy and wished you didn’t have to spend all that money for something so simple.

But then, when you tried to make a banner on your own, it never seemed to come out quite right. And you ended up with something that looked more amateur than professional.

I get it. That’s why I created Banner Builder!

A toolkit that teaches you how to make banners the easy way!

Banner Builder

Your toolkit for creating beautiful, professional looking banners using the Cricut Explore.

A Digital Download

What exactly is Banner Builder?

Banner Builder is a collection of downloadable images, project ideas, and an instructional guide all grouped together in what I like to call a “toolkit.” It’s designed to show you how to use your Cricut Explore to make beautiful, professional looking banners. The Toolkit includes a PDF Guide and a Folder of PNG Downloadable Image Files.

What is included in the Toolkit?

70 Downloadable Images

58 Cut Images and 12 Print Then Cut Images.

Each image can can uploaded into Cricut Design Space and used over and over again when designing.

Supplies & Materials List

An overview of all the things you will need when creating beautiful banners.

Instructions for Uploading Images

Step-by-step tutorial for uploading images into Cricut Design Space. Instructions are included for both cut images and print then cut images.

Design Methods

Learn exactly how to use your images to design your own banners in Cricut Design Space.

Ideas & Inspiration

20 beautiful banner designs that you can make using your toolkit. These pre-made designs will help get your creative ideas flowing. Pictures of each banner in real-life are also included.

Assembly Tips

A few tips to make sure your banners look their very best once assembled.

Hundreds of Design Possibilities

With the images included in your toolkit and the information provided in the guide, you will be able to design hundreds of different banners!

Ready to get Started?

Instant Digital Download includes the eBook and downloadable image files