Are you tired of struggling with 

meal planning?

I can help.


Learn how to create a simple and effective meal plan that is flexible enough to fit your family’s needs and schedule

Have you ever felt like meal planning just doesn't work for you?

You’ve heard over and over again the importance of meal planning, but when you actually tried it yourself, it just didn’t click. I mean, who has time to plan out meals each week? Life is too busy for that, right?

Yes, life is busy. But without a meal plan, you’ll end up wasting time, money, and food.

It is possible to consistently stay organized when it comes to food management in your home.

The Meal Planning Strategy Guide is a core home management system that will help you:

  • Eliminate overwhelm from the meal planning process by learning a proven step-by-step system for meal planning.
  • Quickly and easily create a weekly meal schedule and grocery list in one place.
  • Stop wasting money by reducing last-minute take-out nights and impulse grocery store purchases.
  • Create a habit that you’ll actually stick with -- because it’s so easy!
  • Discover the joy of meal planning and transform your attitude about cooking, planning, and grocery shopping.

I'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish!

All-in-one meal planner that will enable you to take back your time and manage meals in your home more effectively.

I'm Christene, and I could never figure out how to make meal planning to work for me.

Sure I had heard of meal planning and seen other people do it. But I could never get it to stick! It just didn’t work with the way that my brain worked.

My weeks used to be so chaotic!

I would go to the grocery store and buy whatever food I felt like in without ever knowing how to actually put together meals. Every week our food would go bad and I couldn't pull meals together. So instead, we went out to eat way too much. 

We wasted so much money!

During that chaos is when I realized that I needed to create a plan. So I sat down and did what I love to do -- create systems!

I created The Meal Planning Strategy Guide to solve a problem in my own life. And I can't wait to help you get the same results.

The Meal Planning Strategy Guide is an actionable, easy-to-follow resource for creating a meal planning system for your own home that actually works! One that’s realistic and that you will stick with week after week.  

Get Organized

Learn how to get all of your recipes in one central system. No more searching through books, Pinterest, recipe cards and more.

Keep track of staple meals, snack foods, pantry staples, and more all in one place.

Get all of the details out of your head and into a system.


Be intentional when it comes to planning meals, eating healthier, and cooking that way that you want for your family.

Create a flexible system that allows you to adjust when necessary.

Create a HABIT

Gain peace of mind knowing that you have a solid system in place to set your household up for success.

Run your home more efficiently and stop stressing about meals and getting food on the table.

A Proven Framework for managing food and meals in a busy home.

  • 3 modules and 8 lessons in the ebook to help you create a meal planning system that actually works.
  • 6 hands on assignments in the workbook that will walk you through creating a system for your family.
  • Free printables and worksheets in 5 different colors!
  • A full lesson on creating a meal planning command center


  • You'll get a FREE copy of the Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes ebook (Retail $12), which has 30+ dinner ideas you can use to easily fill in your meal plan. No hunting for recipes needed!
  • You'll get FREE Recipe Binder Printables (Retail $10), in two different colors - navy and pink. These binders come with category divider pages and a blank recipe page templates. 
  • You'll get a FREE set of Printable Meal Planning Stickers (Retail $5), that you can print as many times as you want at home and use to mark important reminders on your meal plan. 


I already have your free printable meal planning worksheet. Do I really need this guide?

The Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping printable worksheet is totally free on my blog, and it will continue to be free in my resource library. If you have already downloaded this worksheet and are using it, that’s great! It’s an awesome starting point and can really help you if you’ve never tried to meal plan before.

But, this worksheet is only the starting point to creating a meal planning system for your home. Creating a core home management system for your family is more than just printing out the worksheet. It’s about creating processes, shortcuts, and habits to eliminate the overwhelm around all things meal planning.

The Meal Planning Strategy Guide goes into so much more detail than what’s just on the worksheet. 

If you are serious about developing a realistic meal planning system for your home that you will stick with week after week, than the extra detail that’s included in The Meal Planning Strategy Guide is a must.

Who is The Meal Planning Strategy Guide for?

The Meal Planning Strategy Guide is for you if you haven’t been able to make meal planning work in the past. Maybe you’ve tried everything out there and it just doesn’t stick. Or it just doesn’t really work with the way that your brain works. 

You’ve heard over and over again the importance of meal planning, but when you actually tried it yourself, it just didn’t work for you.

If you’ve always been disorganized when it comes to planning meals, grocery shopping, and getting meals on the table, this guide is for you! It will help you create a habit that you will actually stick with because it’s so easy. The Meal Planning Strategy Guide is all about creating systems, processes, and habits to eliminate overwhelm from the meal planning process.

Now, The Meal Planning Strategy Guide is not for you if you like to be spontaneous. This guide is all about creating an intentional system and process that you can implement week after week. It’s not just suggestions, but step-by-step action items that you go through to create this system for your own home.

If you don’t really like following processes and systems, or love to fly by the seat of your pants, then you probably won’t love the way that I teach about creating systems. I’m a very logical person by nature and systems make sense for the way I think. If they don’t really work for you - no problem. But this might not be the solution for you.

Will I receive a physical product?

No, this is a digital product. I will send the files to you in an email and you can download them to your computer. The bonuses will also be delivered electronically. You can print out the workbook, worksheets, and any printables at home on your printer. The best part is, there's no limit as to how many times you can print these worksheets.

What if I have another question?

If you have any other questions that I haven't already addressed here, feel free to email me at I'll do my best to reply back as soon as possible. 

What if this doesn't help me?

I'm confident that The Meal Planning Strategy Guide will help you get organized, make a plan, and create a solid habit when it comes to meal planning. If you don't feel like I've delivered on my promises, I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.